Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mayhem Poets

Do you like chicken? Scott Tarazevits from the Mayhem Poets does. His ode to chicken is just one example of their hip-hop poetry which covers everything from politics to food. The three member group (2 graduated from Rutgers) performed 5 shows over 2 days. The 4 shows I saw were school performances and the kids- ranging in age from 11-17- loved them. The last show was especially electrifying. The audience consisted of high school juniors from the two New Brunswick public high schools. They were up on their feet laughing and cheering most of the time. They also had a flutist with them who actually beatboxed while playing. It was one of the coolest things I have even seen. His name is Greg Pattilo. Catch him on You Tube.

The State Theatre is located at 15 Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick, NJ. For information or to purchase tickets call 732-246-SHOW(7469) or visit

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